Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Divine Cool Breeze Digital

The digital edition of The Divine Cool Breeze is not expensive to produce. There is no printing or delivery costs. There is no staff wages or royalties, office space or overhead.

Once the print edition has been created, the digital DCB is only a few clicks away.

The only expense is one — the store.

Our online store is a digital warehouse, a shop front and an accountant all in one. We chose a company called Joomag to do all this and they charge almost $500 a year.

But if this cost could be covered, there is no reason why the price of the digital edition of The Divine Cool Breeze should not be reduced to a minimum.

Imagine — The Divine Cool Breeze instantly accessible to anyone with a computer, an iPad, a mobile device. Anywhere. No delivery costs. No waiting. No lost mail or changes of address.

There are two ways you can help: make a donation or buy a digital subscription. 

Through your contribution, we will be able to lower the price of both the digital subscription and the online back issues.

Our goal is to lower the subscription price to as little as $1 per issue.

With your help, we are almost there.

* In all this, the print edition of The Divine Cool Breeze will not cease publication. We love it. We love paper and we love ink. And we have a Sahaj printer who loves the magazine with that same commitment and passion. The print edition will continue as long as there are readers who want to hold it in their hands.

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