Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fwd: happy Sahaj 2014 in Cabella!!!

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From: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foundation

Jai Shri Mataji

we are delighted to send you the Sahaj calendar for 2014, including the events and the activities that will be held in Cabella.

There will again be 6 international Pujas, and the marriages.

We would like to eventually increase and deepen the sahaj experience in Cabella, and for this we would propose to the hosting country to be more engaged in the organization.

The idea would be to offer a real three day seminar, with the programs starting from the Friday, adding to the regular meditation, havan and Puja some meeting focused on the emphasis of the Deity which is worshipped, or on how to spread SY in every country or of the international Yuva Shakti or... feel free to create your own event.

Another nice piece of news you can see in the calendar is about the Seminar for newcomers to be held the 2nd and 3rd of August, in English language.

It will allow newcomers from all English speaking countries to come feel and "breathe" the Cabella experience, in an environment dedicated to them, at their level of understanding, out of the "discomfort" of a crowded Puja. They can be hosted in Casaforme, in a comfortable bed, and we can guide them with a dedicated program including a visit to SM's apartment. We witnessed a really successful event with Italians newcomers, because in Cabella you can be more fully immersed in the everlasting presence of HH Shri Mataji.

Also many other events like Wellness seminars during all the Summer, the Art Academy and the "Culture of the Spirit" festival, the Cabella World Center festival between Krisna and Ganesha Puja, culminating in the marriages, the Childrens' summer Camp, will make 2014 in Cabella a special year full of joy, love and vibrations.

The property of Casaforme will be open to SYs to stay, and food will be cooked and served every day.

We would also like to enhance the experience of visiting the Castle, creating a new meditation room, a new bookshop where you can find dvds, cds, music, photos and books related to HH SM, and a welcoming area with free wifi where you can sit, meet and intereact with other sy from all over the world.

We would also like to facilitate sys coming and offering a few hours of voluntary work at the Castle for simple jobs in the garden, with the consciousness that this offer will clean our chakras and deepen our devotion to Her.

Being a volunteer at the Castle will still be possible, but with a smaller number (7 ladies and 7 men) and a better rotation so that no one stays for longer than three weeks.

You will find also many Sahaj events that will be held on a smaller scale at the Castle, offering little Pujas and flowers to HH SM by those who will be there, on behalf of all the sys of the world, and if it would be appreciated, we could also broadcast live on the web.

Last but not least we will set up a new blog in which you will find all the events, activities, projects and work in progress and you can collaborate with your feedback from your country.

We, here in Cabella would really like to make all the sys of the world feel to be part of the same family, we wish everyone could feel this ownership.

Cabella belongs to all  HH SM's children, and we are here on your behalf, temporarily, to take care of the property our beloved Mother HH SM left in our care to preserve.

with love

The Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation management team   

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