Friday, 17 January 2014

Invitation to the Second Regional European Seminar Prague - March 2013

Dear sisters and brothers,

Please accept our heartfelt invitation to Prague. Our international team is preparing a seminar so that we can be together and thus create an auspicious atmosphere to please our Most Beloved Holy Mother and to celebrate Her Birthday. The Puja will be on Friday 21st March (in the evening), and on Saturday and Sunday we will spend a nice time together meditating, sharing vibrations and experiences, and enjoying not only the Saturday`s evening programme but (we hope) everything.

Saturday afternoon will be free for those interested in seeing some nice places in Prague, and maybe to be part of a vibrational happening in the centre of Prague. The seminar will be in sport complex that is walking distance from Prague castle (approx. 20 min).

Please, register at . The hall is big enough for some 550 people and also we need to know the numbers of meals. We hope prices are quite friendly.

At the web seminar, you will find all the necessary information – directions to the venue, programme of the seminar, contacts that you might need, and also a suggestion for a hotel if you do not want to sleep in the sport's hall (we have already reserved some 50 places there). We will be happy for you to come with your ideas on how to make the seminar fulfilling and nice. Those who would like to participate in the Saturday evening programme can contact the organizational team.

For the international team preparing the seminar and the Czech collectivity,

Dima, Piotr, Radoslaw, Silvo, Gregoire and Radim

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