Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Thank you, Mother!

Thank you for every hurdle you throw my way;
That I may grow stronger and have courage in my heart
Thank you for every success you let me achieve;
That I may have confidence on your love
Thank you for the discipline you show me 
And all the times you scold me;
That I may one day be worthy of making you proud
Thank you for holding my hand and teaching me to paint;
That I may pay attention to small details in life
Thank you for sitting me down 
And showing me how to meditate;
That I may have a place free of sorrows and grief
Thank you for every unfulfilled desire;
That I may never know the consequences of my ignorance
Thank you for the gift of brothers and sisters;
That I may never lose reason to share your love
Thank you for all those who I consider my enemy;
That I may see the damage my ego has done
Thank you for trusting me in every walk of life;
That I may forever be in debt and have reason to do bhakti
Thank you for teaching me the meaning of puja;
That I may express my joy and love
Thank you Mother for being my guru;
That I may bow my head in reverence and be humble
Thank you for showing me that which I thought I had lost long ago;
That I may realize the depths of my spirit and grow!

by Arunima Ahuja

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Jagannadham Alapati said...

Jay Shri Mataji!
Thank You Very Much!