Thursday, 30 January 2014

The magazine of Sahaja Yoga: THE DIVINE COOL BREEZE - subscribe for 2014

The Divine Cool Breeze, now in its 27th year of publication, offers a unique compilation of the words of Shri Mataji. 

On topics as wide-ranging as music and marriage, humour and humility, introspection and incarnations, the six magazines of 2014 will take you on a one year tour, a curated sampling of the wisdom and guidance She has given us. 

The paper subscription offers six 36 page magazines delivered directly to your home, at one price to anywhere in the world, plus access to both an online archive of more than 140 magazines and online galleries featuring thousands of photographs of Shri Mataji.

The digital subscription guarantees immediate delivery, brilliant photo reproduction and enhancements such as video and audio files and additional photos.

The Divine Cool Breeze was created, named and guided by Shri Mataji.

Have a look at some SAMPLE PAGES 

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