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World Inner Peace Day

From: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foundation 

there is a beautiful initiative to celebrate HH Shri Mataji's Birthday, on the 21th of March, that is taking place in Italy and that we would like to share with you.

It is called "World Inner Peace Day" and it aims at promoting peace through a Sahaja Yoga program in schools around the world, to spread self-realization and help establish inner peace in Youth. The Italian team is inviting every collective to take part in this project.

Here attached is a presentation letter providing all the details. 

Much love from the Communication Team of the WF.



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jay Shri Mataji

We are writing to let you know about a project that is currently underway and is giving us so much joy and enthusiasm.

The worthiest way to celebrate Our Mothers Birthday is doing what She has always asked us to do, spreading Her Message, giving Self-Realization on a mass level, and to do it collectively, as ONE body.

We could  declare March 21st  THE WORLD DAY OF INNER PEACE .

The project (you can download it here has been designed for schools , but it can also be proposed to other kinds of institutions.

The idea is as follows; to invite all principals and senior school staff, and ask their permission to interrupt part of the school day (minimum two hours), in which we will instruct the students how to find within themselves the Inner Peace (of course, through Kundalini awakening) .

The desire is that this moment of PEACE will occur simultaneously in many schools worldwide.

Thus, in the same moment children of all different nations, cultures and religions will be embraced by Our Mother.

We invite you to briefly reflect on the immense potential of the project; any school , in a big city, has at least an average of 300-500 students.

In Rome already many schools agreed joined the in initiative, and we will be already be able by Mother's Grace to give thousands and thousands of realizations!

Now Sahaja Yoga has spread in 110 countries around the world .

Let's think if only ONE school from each country decides to celebrate this day what an immense event it would be to unify the world. Of course, it is such a simple thing to give realization that there is no need to limit ourselves to just one school per country, it only needs a few yogis per school and so if all the collective gets involved the potential is beyond thought!!

In this way, at no cost at all, we can reach hundreds of thousands of children, the future, and give them their Self Realization .

In the case when many schools are involved, we propose to invite the mayors of our cities to attend the most prestigious Institutions, or at least to give their patronage for the initiative.

And finally, do not forget the possibility of the effect in the media; the news of a day of worldwide school meditation, inspired by a message of universal peace would definitely get some interest from the media.

So to recap: here is the chance to give realization to thousands, in one worldwide occasion, with the possibility of adding Sahaja Yoga to school activity, and maybe positive media zero cost!


We are presenting here the international website

where it is possible to download the brochure, gather information and convey data about the event.

In this way we can monitor and coordinate the development of the initiative in real time.

A few clarifications about the attached brochure is needed;

It is designed for countries where Sahaja Yoga can be openly spread.

We are also preparing a lighter version, targeted for the countries where it is more appropriate avoiding spiritual topics.

The English version has been corrected by many English mother tongues, and so it might need fine tuning according to the English speaking country.

Once you have finished editing the translation, you can use the second link below to edit the brochure template in your language.

We hope that you feel as enthusiastic and joyful about the project as we are and we thank you for your enlightened attention.



The Italian coordinator of the project:



at this link

you find here two pdf files, the second one " inner-peace-eng-print" is the one good to be printed.

at this link you can download the source file in IN - design, so that you can fill the brochure with the text translated in your language

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