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Borotin International Sahaja Kindergarten admission - Spring 2014

Borotin International Sahaja Kindergarten admission - Spring 2014

Dear sahaja parents,

Admission for the spring term 2014 of Borotin International Sahaja Kindergarten is open to Sahaja Yogi children around the world.  

Term's dates are:12th of April – 7th of June

The kindergarten is set in four groups which are divided into:

  • three kindergarten groups with children aged between four and five and half years
  • one pre-school (reception) group with children aged between five and half and six years.

The kindergarten groups largely cover similar topics, however as we are guided by interests expressed by each child, their knowledge of English language, and how regularly they attend kindergarten’s terms, the activities in each group may vary... and everything adorned with love, sahaj love.

After attending Borotin International Sahaja Kindergarten the children usually continue their Sahaja Education in Cabella School and ISPS Dharamshala.

Application Procedure

Please contact us by email: or by telephone (+ 420 732104005).

For further information or if you would like to visit the kindergarten, please write us.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Borotin International Sahaja Kindergarten

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