Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Japan Tour Update

From: Qasim


Dear Family,

We have some updates for you from the Japan Project Team. This week we have arranged many more programs in Japan. As well as visiting another Zen Temple we are trying to arrange programs in Nagaike and Yoyogi parks in Tokyo. These will be classic Sahaja street realisation events, which will be a nice juxtaposition to our more formal arranged programs. We are also attempting to book a concert in Nagiake Park Nature Museam as a follow up to these events. Bandhans are very welcome as we will need all the help we can get to fill up our schedule.

We are also looking into booking programs in two new cities, so in addition to travelling to Tokyo and Kyoto we will be touring Nagoya, Ibaraki and possibly Kobe and Osaka too. In Ibaraki, we have a confirmed program, and being the closest place we will get to Fukushima we have also decided to have a Sri Boomi Devi  puja, we hope that this will go some way towards improving the situation there. 

Many people with a wide variety of skills have registered for the tour. We have a rich diversity of musicians, singers, dancers and artists. This will work well in our favour as we have many concerts booked throughout the tour and we hope that the performances will please our Mother and the Japanese people. 

With all our Love,

The Japan Tour Team 

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Pushpendra Bhadauria said...

Jai Shri Mataji,

i am a sahaji from india recently moved to Nagoya with my husband and in desperate search of a center or sahajayogi contact in Nagoya or near by. I read about the Nagoya tour. Pls let me know when it is going to b in Nagoya?