Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bella Vita Band Aid for Cabella

Dear all, please share this with your collective
With love from Italy

After years of gradual erosion, and a Winter of exceptionally heavy rain, the river in Cabella has eaten away at the hangar car park, the road going down to the Mulino eating area is also threatened.
We are restoring access in time for Sahasrara Puja but more action is needed. The World Foundation has started an International project, the idea is not to waste collective money on a temporary job but rather to create a permanent solution. An international team of Sahaj architects and engineers from all over the World is working with the Foundation to this end. Please see the technical ideas and designs attached.  The project has been divided into three parts:
First we will realize a wall of about 20 metres long, built of reinforced concrete
Then this will be covered with large rocks.
Finally a barrier of about 100 metres length will be created out of huge boulders held together by concrete
Estimated cost of operation about €150,000
For further details or queries please don’t hesitate to contact
How can you help?
Bella Vita Band aid is a group of Sahaja artists who have each donated a song to this cause, giving their music to anyone making a contribution to this and also for Cabella Sahaj school.
If you would like to help and, at the same time get some great Sahaj music, then all you have to do is make a donation on the following foundation link
You can also pay directly into the bank account below, remember to specify "Bella Vita Band Aid" or "Hangar car park " or “Cabella education fund”


Account name:
IT 49 C 03332 48420 00000151162

It doesn’t matter how little (or much!) you contribute, you will be sent a link to download 15 songs by sahaj artists (There will also be a physical cd on sale in Cabella)

Be sure to write that your donation is for Bella Vita Band aid and include your e mail address, you will receive a link to download the following songs:
Carlo Gizzi – Maria Mahalaxmi - from the TEV album ‘The love that moves the stars above’ 
Casabella – Per este mundo (featuring Miguel Czachowski)

Daniele Ferrari -  Fuego from the album ‘L'avventura dello Spirito’
Debbie Eckman -  In the beginning  from the album ‘Eternal roots’
Eero Heinonen – Binate Suniye
Jeremy Clancy – Sunshine inside
Kenny Clarys & Marie Joelle - The Sheen - Legends of the Light
Santa Cecilia – When the moon rests within
Sergio Elias -  Shri Adi Shakti
Shava -   Betoninen kotimaani   (featuring Rajendra Prasanna ) from the album Betoninen kotimaani
Sia Reddy – Cabella river tune
The Heavenly River – Binate Suniye
Victor Vertunni – Ganesha aarti  - from the TEV album ‘The love that moves the stars above’ 
Vilamba – Will you come to Cabella (2014) 
Yoann Freget – Mother’s song
Thank you for helping Cabella
Bella Vita Band aid and
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation

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