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From: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foundation
Dear Sahaja Family
Those who think they can be guru should become gurus, because now I can't travel from places to places. And you have to do my job, is to give realization to people. But you have to be able to give en-mass realization, then only you could be a guru. If you can give en-mass realization, then you could be a guru. (...) This is your own responsibility. This is how Sahaja Yoga will grow. Otherwise after I retire or I don't go anywhere then Sahaja Yoga will go into waste. So it is for you to carry the torch, the light. It is your responsibility now (..).It is now a very big responsibility. Actually I have done this work and you can do this work also.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Guru Puja 2008



As many of you already know the World Day for Inner Peace is a project started in 2014. The idea is to spread Sahaja Yoga meditation in schools all over the world (and wherever it is possible) on the 21st of March, aiming at giving en-mass self-realization as a collective hommage to Shri Mataji on Her Birthday.

Advantages of the Project 

  • Inner Peace is a universal value, unquestionably accepted by every institution

  • The potential of easily giving thousands of realizations

  • Sowing the seed of realization into the youth: not only are they the future of mankind, but this age group is more unlikely to come to public and weekly programmes

  • Adding, exponentially, to the curriculume vitae and the social prestige of Sahaja Yoga

  • Getting the attention and recognition of the national media due to the high number of schools, students and countries involved

  • Linking the name of Sahaja Yoga to an international event that is  matter-of-factly considered positive by non-yogis

  • Clearing the name of Sahaja Yoga which in some countries has been falsely accused as being a dangerous cult

  • Bringing Shri Mataji's name, with maximum honour and dignity, to the public attention

  • The cost of the whole project: almost zero

How we introduced the event

We provided (in different languages) different resources, as listed below, for the yogis with no experience in public speaking or in doing programmes in schools:

  • a video targeting teenagers in which we explain the benefits of meditation as well as introducing Shri Mataji as a great historical personality, whose work fullfills the ideals of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

  • a Power Point slide show that helps the students focus their attention during the programme

  • we decided to use a laical non-spiritual approach and language, emphazing the medical and scientific evidences of sahaj meditation

  • we gave priority to the experience of meditation more than to theoretical explanations

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE 21st of March 2014

More than 30 countries paticipated in the event.

We roughly estimated that 50.000 realizations were given.


  • Students: more than the 98% of the testimonies are highly positive. Some of them are very moving (you can find them in the attachment).

  • Schools: The teachers were astonished by the sudden calm and silence of the children during the meditation experience. Many schools invited us to do follow up programs in their institutions. Many other schools, that could not join the event on the 21st, are scheduled for the following months. The project does not end on Mother's Birthday but goes on throughout the year.

  • Media: In some countries the main national media (television and newspaper) recognised the event as highly positive and beneficial.

HERE you can find a video (here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnUwB4rtdaY&feature=youtu.bethat demonstrates some of the main feedback, testimonies and Television News Interviews about the event.



Every collective can customize the project and adapt it to the different requirements and nec essities of language and approach according to every country's situation.


We suggest to create a web of different associations in every nation, not explicetely related to Sahaja Yoga, that can be linked to the World Day of Inner Peace. In this way the project will be considered more trustworthy and nationally recognised as a multisponsored event.


  • First: Giving as many people their self-realization as possible
  • Presenting our achievements and asking for an official recognition from the UN and President Barack Obama
  • To see, as soon as possible, Google celebrate the 21st of March with a Doodle inspired for Our Mother and linked to the meditation experience



It doesn't require money, it requires our time, our pure desire, our dedication and our surrender

We suggest to prepare each event in every city with a deep vibratory work (Puja, Havan, Shoebeat etc...)

and most of all if we want to organize for the 2015....



It will be O ur humbly way to thank Our Mother


All our Love

Jai Shri Mataji!

The Inner Peace Day Team

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