Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sahaj Books for Children

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are happy to announce that the ongoing project to create books and other materials for Sahaj children has  completed yet another beautifully illustrated and filled with Sahaj knowledge book entitled: My First Book of Chakras!  All the books published to date (Nirmala Story, Big Brother Book, Sahaja Coloring Book of Deities) are described in detail and are available for purchase directly at Amazon.com through this website: www.sahajabooksforchildren.com.

Recently,  purchasing has been made easier for many through the Amazon.com connection.    Future works in process are:  "7 Reasons to Meditate", "Lio the Lionheart", "Big Sister Book", and "Shri Krishna Story."  

To those wishing to translate the books to other languages please fill out the contact page on the website.

with love from,
The Sahaja Books for Children Team

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