Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Nirmal Arts Academy in Cabella 2014

From: Sahaja Yoga World Foundation 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

It is with very great joy that we announce the 9th edition of the Nirmal Arts Academy in Cabella, from 15 to 24 July, followed immediately after by the Culture of the Spirit Festival on 26 and 27 July.

The Academy takes place over two magical weeks directly after Guru Puja, in which we can immerse ourselves in the Divine vibrations and go deeper in the knowledge of our Sahaj culture. It offers the opportunity to study a wide range of arts and build artistic projects with fellow artists and participants: we can discover and develop our different talents, sharing Divine inspiration through our brothers and sisters from around the world, and learning from all the wonderful and dedicated artists we have in our Sahaj family. 

The vision of the Academy in Cabella has always been to grow and establish a Sahaj culture that our Mother could be proud of and, of course, to contribute to a vision of the World Centre in Cabella as the international spiritual and cultural centre of Sahaja Yoga. This is all thanks to your participation and support and the help of all the staff and volunteers of the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation!

For further information and registration:
Or, in person, at the TEV Nirmal Arts Academy booth near the hangar at Adi Shakti Puja and Guru Puja in Cabella. 

It is requested and recommended that you please book your place for the Academy in advance.

Much love, and look forward to seeing you all this summer

The Nirmal Arts Team 

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