Monday, 2 June 2014

TEV Newsletter: Shakespeare’s Women Premiere at Rome Fringe Festival in July 2014

"You have no idea how big it will become one day" Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Mumbay 1996

Dear family, friends and visionary supporters!

We are delighted to announce the premiere of our new production at the Roma Fringe Festival on the 2, 6, 7 July 2014.  
With your support, we will take this new play around the world and access global audiences!

Some of you will have seen the preview performance of TEV's latest production, SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN in Dover over Easter. We had some great feedback and some constructive comments to take on board whilst we prepare for our next performances, to take place in Italy at the Rome Fringe Festival
(that's Debbie inside the donkey head, for those of you who didn't recognise her on stage...)

It is a very popular festival, both with locals and tourists alike, and the top four theatre companies taking part get to compete for the prize of the chance to perform at both the New York and Edinburgh Festivals, so we're hoping to do well there! It is a platform to promote the show nationally and internationally.

If there's anyone reading this who would like to support TEV towards covering the production costs so-far incurred and the development and promotion of TEV activities, there are three easy ways they can help:

If you can't manage a regular monthly payment, one-off contributions are just as much appreciated, either by direct transfer to

European (IBAN): IT 77 K 01030 12602 000063149828
BIC code:PASCITM1176

Or, if you have PAYPAL, we have a TEV Paypal account and you can directly send money there:

Single payment (up to 10,000 EUR!):
7 EUR each month, for 12 installments

11 EUR each month, for 12 installments

21 EUR each month, for 12 installments

We truly wish you could all be there with us!
Thank you in advance on behalf of the cast and crew of SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN!!
Enjoy the show teaser on YOUTUBE

Much love,
Victor Vertunni & Monia Giovannangeli
on behalf of all the TEV team

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