Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Invitation to the third Balkan Tour, September 2014

Dear Sahaja family,

We would like to kindly invite you to our Balkan Tour - traditionally, the third year of giving realisations in the countries of former Yugoslavia. We are planning to visit Sarajevo which is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also to visit and support our brothers and sisters in Albanian Tirana and Shkoder. Vibrationally cleanse Kosovo and go back through Belgrade in Serbia. In recent years, we have succeeded in giving realisations mainly in the streets, this year we would like to focus on programs for schools in Sarajevo.

Those of you who are active yogis know that the organization of such event is a blessing. When one delves into the organization and becomes thoughtlessly aware, our Mother works through him. I can feel how much our Mother wishes to spread Sahaja Yoga in the Balkans, in the countries that have the word “Yoga” in their name – “Yugoslavia”.

Each of you yogis can do their part. For the successful holding of the tour, the spiritual as well as material support is needed. If you want to participate, you can choose from the following options:

1. Send the money to “paypal” account (not only, but especially for foreign yogis), Czech yogis can contribute personally or send the money to juva account (with a note “for the recipient of balkantour”):

2. Vibrationally support and monitor our event. Remember and give a Bandhan, put your brothers and sisters from the Balkans into your heart.

3. You can join personally,

4. or you can lend your car, because the whole tour is organized as a car-trip due to increased possibilities of travelling. The city transport does not effectively work in the Balkans.

All your contributions are very much appreciated. This big task is still a puzzle of small human activities, but the results may have great power. And it is tremendous because of the strong connection of all who are involved.

The date is set for the first two weeks in September. Preliminary expenses from last year's experience are € 100 per week per person + petrol fees.

All the information can be found here:

Please also take a look at the course of the last year´s Balkan Tour:

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