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Inner Peace 2014/2015

Dear brothers and sisters, 


We would like to share with you the latest international developments regarding the Inner Peace project. Given the global success of the initiative in 2014, organized in just a few months, (about 40 participating countries and 50,000 students got their Realization), we have already started organizing next year's event by coordinating the project at an international level to be ready for September to start proposing the project to schools around the world. 




New brochures have been created, which were also given as a gift recently at Guru Puja in Cabella. The purpose of the main brochure is to provide a convenient, ready-made tool for introducing the project in schools. 


It is structured in the following way: 


a) A folder that contains both the two new brochures (see b and c) as well as any extra documents needed (e.g. letters of recommendation, evidence of previous activities etc.) 


b) A smaller brochure 'Inner Peace Class': A structured mini-course of 4 lessons that can be proposed at any time during the year. The objective is to provide a practical opportunity for students to learn the basic knowledge of Sahaja Yoga and bring meditation into their daily lives. 


We are in the process of creating online meditations on the event's official website, so that students can follow them from home. It is our desire that the Inner Peace Day can be the start of a new world-wide generation of realized souls.


c) The 'Inner Peace Day' brochure: In addition to presenting the project, this brochure includes some of the results and experiences from March 2014. In this way, the representatives of the school can take into account t he documented success of the experience and realize that they are taking part in a major international event. Our dream is to unite all the students of the world, on the same day, the birthday of Our Mother, in the peace of Sahaj meditation.


Obviously, the language and the format used is general and non-religious.


The brochures can be downloaded on this link:


You will find two types of downloads; 


1) Download English brochure for mail sending, in pdf format, in which you will find: 


           a) 'Inner-Peace-Class2014.pdf': the mini-course brochure


           b) 'Inner-Peace2014.pdf': The project presentation brochure to be sent via e-mail to the heads of the schools 


2) Download English brochure only for print: there are four files, three of which are printable; 


        & nbsp;   a) 'Inner-Peace-Folder.pdf': the folder to contain the two brochures and any other documents


            b) 'Inner-Peace-Class2014.pdf': the mini-course brochure


            c) 'Inner-Peace2014.pdf': the project presentation brochure 


            d) The file 'Simulation.jpg' (unprintable): it illustrates how to print the middle trifold page 


We recommend this second group of links be printed professionally rather than 'at home'. 




Collective experience has taught us that the success of an event can be greatly increased if we start by putting our desire into action through deep vibr atory work.


 We recommend to proceed as follows; 


a) Start acting from the beginning of the school year in your country


b) Make a list of schools in your area/city 


c) Select the schools using vibrations


d) Contact the head of the school(s) chosen on vibrations 


e) Prepare for the meeting vibrationally (havan/shoebeat against all forms of negativity in the school etc.) 


f= ) Meet with the head of the school to present the Inner Peace Day project 


The feedback we have received from the various collectivities around the world has increased our confidence and enthusiasm.

We have realised that we should not be timid but trust completely in the powers of Our Mother.

In fact, given the dramatic situation of conflict at all levels in society, schools are just waiting for us. 

At this critical time in the world, where the news speaks only of war and violence, schools are extremely sensitive and receptive to themes such a s peace and tolerance. If we are able to document all the feedback and results of the Inner Peace programmes around the world, we can really offer to all the educational institutions as well as the mass media a project without precedence.


It is no coincidence that a journal as prestigious as the New York Times used a photo of the flash-mob Inner Peace Day (organized by the Yuva Shakti in Ukraine) as a representation of the peace demonstrations in Kiev. 

Money is not needed, just dedication. 

It is not necessary to immediately target large numbers of schools: it can be s ufficient to find one school and that triggers an expanding circle of contacts, based on positive word of mouth. Imagine if every Sahaja Yogi could get just one school to accept the event, what immense potential we could achieve!




We would like to ask each collective to do the following:


1. Take and send us high quality photo's of the event in the schools.


2. Try to get some form of documentation from the head of school and teachers stating the occurance and outcome of the event.


3. Collect impressions and comments from the students after the meditation.

This last point was what impressed and had the most impact on the media.


Among the many thi ngs we would like to achieve these are the main ones:


1. Documentation from around the world in order to present the project internationally


2. Compile an album of all the photos to offer to Shri Mataji at Her shrine in Nirmal Dham. Our idea is to organize a collective trip to India towards  the end of March-April (after IPD 2015) where we can all offer the results of the project together. 


We are still looking for mother-tongue yogis to translate the material into their various languages. At the moment we have an international team of translators for French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Croatian, Russian, Dutch and Bulgarian, and we waiting for confirmation on Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Marathi and Finnish.


From Shri Krishna to Shri Ganesha Puja there will be an Inner Peace stand which will offer material (brochures) as well as information for everyone who is interested.


For further information please contact:


for national and international co-ordination – Adriano Ercolani


for general information about the project – Laura Rodriguez



for advice on how to contact schools – Andrea Mele  


for information about the website – Agostino Condelucci


for graffic support or enquieries – Piero Usai


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