Tuesday, 16 September 2014

International Diwali Puja - France - 2014

Dearest Yogis and Yoginis,
The Diwali Puja will take place in France on 24-26 October 2014...

Upon Shri Mataji's request, France has for many years been the co-organizing country for the Diwali Pujas.
At the time when Our Mother was physically present, we always hoped that the Puja would be, one day, celebrated in France.
This day has come!!!
Shri MahaLakshmi guides our Spiritual Evolution and brings us many qualities, so necessary in these present times: Peace, Joy, Balance, Satisfaction, Generosity, and so many others… 
So let us join together as one big family, to worship and pray to Shri Mataji in the country of Attention, so that She may fill the world with Her blessings! 
Let's get together for the end of October (1.5  months time)!

We, the yogis/yoginis of France, are very enthusiastic and proud to welcome Shri Mataji under Her eternal form of vibrations and infinite love, during this great occasion of sharing and devotion.
What a blessing for us to receive so many realized souls, saints and disciples of our heavenly Mother. Our duty as well as our great joy will be to offer a moment that everyone may keep in their hearts of children, for many years to come.
We await your arrival in a magical and enchanting setting: Disneyland Paris

Let us be united together, we Her children from all around the world, in our Divine Mother's Love! May we all be enthusiastic, joyful, dynamic and prepared for this wonderful event!

To all our brothers and sisters worldwide, with all our love,
Jai Shri Mataji

Registration on this website: www.diwalipuja2014.com  (special discount ending september 20th / registration after Sept 30th subject to validation of Disney)

Facebook on this page:  www.facebook.com/Diwalipujafrance2014

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