Monday, 23 February 2015

Live Darshan of The Holy Shrine from Nirmal Dham.

From: rabi ghosh

The holiest of Holy place on earth... The pilgrimage of yogis where it terminates to find peace within without speaking, interacting, doing any seminar, learning from other ends here with all serenity when we sit and settle having a rapport with our eternal Mother and child. No one standby I found around but Mother when I closed my eyes yearning to interact with divinity within heart. The brain took a bit rest here. Being just a child born to a mother just felt it was just only for me. The joy I could feel. Rest all passed in witness. Thousands of people with several desires, love, experience or to say hello did not matter. I just tried to be close to mother shutting my inner eyes to shut out from all tangible gross joy but replacing with the intangible joy of being with Mother again after a long spell.

Brothers and sister I have prayed for all of us with' ma sabko dua dena ' 

Yesterday gradually the climate grew cooler and today we wait for the offering of our homage tribute and love and puja worshipping Mother. It starts from four in the evening. Sending you all the love That I had the blessings to spend with Mother. 
This is my own personal experience. 

Yesterday the other side session spanned between guided meditation with Mother's speeches and then scores of soulful musical evening. 

All regards

From Nirmal Dham 

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