Wednesday, 22 April 2015

5th May 2015, World Realisation Day

5th May 2015, World Realisation Day!

From the Holy pilgrimage in Cabella to Celebrating World Realisation Day in Milan!

Exactly 45 years ago, 5th May 1970 Shri Adishakti chose to open the Sahasrara of humankind to give them the final breakthrough in their evolution.


For over four decades thereafter She left no stone unturned to give this precious divine gift to whomsoever possible. So many of us were very fortunate to experience, witness and walk this glorious path along with Her.


Today humanity stands at the brink of its collective destiny, and self-realisation is the only key that will enable en-masse transformation to the next civilisation.


Come let us all spontaneously join together on this great occasion and EXPOse those divine powers She has enlightened within us to celebrate, honour and dedicate ourselves to this unprecedented work of our Guru, Holy Mother.


Join us for our collective pilgrimage on the most auspicious occasion of the 45th Sahasrara Day: first, by offering humble salutations at Her abode in Cabella, then, by sharing her universal message of love and self-realisation at the EXPO 2015 in Milan. Let us collectively celebrate our Holy Mother's life-work, by sharing Sahaja Yoga with the world on the 5th May at the World EXPO 2015 in Milan



5th May - meditation at Castle, 07:30 am onwards (time coinciding with Mother's opening of the Sahasrara in India)

09:00am - leaving for Cascina Triulza, EXPO exhibition

15:00pm - attend Civilisation 2.0 Conference 

18:00pm - travel to Milan, leafleting, street realisation etc.

19:30pm - Teatro di Milano, welcome new-comers with Art and live music in the Foyer 

21:00pm - Breath of the Earth - Music, theatre and meditation (TEV, The Divine Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with L'Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi)

Jai Shri Mataji!
With love
here you can download the brossure

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