Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nirmala Vidya app - now working for older devices

The app was updated and now it should work fine on older devices as well.

Please give it a try and if you still have problems, let us know.

Here is the link: 


Nirmal Vidya Mobile App

Dear Sahaj family

It is with great joy on this auspicious occasion of celebration of the Birthday of Shri Mataji that we announce the launch of the Nirmala Vidya apps which will allow you to connect to the database from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You will be able to search and watch or listen very simply records of Shri Mataji in video and audio formats. It will be complementary to the website.

This app is for the moment accessible only for IOS and you can find it in iTunes by clicking here.

It is a first step and we plan to make updates with new functions and content regularly. You can connect with your account ID or register if you don't have one yet.

We hope you will enjoy it

With Love

Eric Deladoƫy
Nirmala Vidya llc

Jai Shri Mataji

PS: Don't forget to support the preservation of records of Shri Mataji with a donation.

Link to make a donation:

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Sulakshana Sudhagar said...

Jai Shree Mathaji!!!!

Dear Brother,

Do we have similar app for android???

Dragos said...

Not yet, but one is in progress. As soon as it is done, we'll let you know