Friday, 17 April 2015

Sahaja Resources website

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji.

We are all trying to fulfill the vision of our Divine Mother that all Her children get their Self Realization. We do this by running Sahaja Yoga beginner classes, holding self-realization events and many other activities besides clearing ourselves to become better yogi(ni)s.

A website where it is all available
We have a website available that has a lot of Sahaja resources that could be used for spreading Mother's word. These resources include charts, posters, powerpoints, class handouts, videos besides other things. This collection has resources created with Love and a lot of effort was put in by many yogi(ni)s from all around the world.

It is always better to build upon something that is ready and available rather than reinventing the wheel; So please make the most of it and feel free to modify the resource you need to suit your situation (or SY class) and do share the modified/better version with us :-)

Share the material you have
If you have any sahaja handouts, class presentations or other material that you have created or have discovered, please share it so that others could also make use of it (there is an upload tab to upload your resource). If it is small, you may send it in as an email - .

What you share may just be something that some yogi was looking for but did not know where to get it. Many yogis around the world have a desire to spread Sahaja yoga but do not have the resources to create this material. So when you put on your creative hats and use your enlightened Swadisthans, do open your Nabhis and share it.

What you share may not be available on the website immediately as there is a lot of material that has to be sorted and put into proper folders (so please do be patient :-)

We live in the land of Lord Kubera so let this collection become a treasure house that everyone can share. Sharing knowledge is the fastest way to grow it.

Collectively, if all yogis from around the world join together, we should be able to create one of the most comprehensive Sahaja Resource Collections that all yogi(ni)s have access to!!

It is already being used by many yogi(ni)s from around the world.

The details
The website to access the resources is:

You may select a tab on the left and go to the section that you are interested in. Please feel free to download what you require. Some resources are only meant for yogis and so are password protected.

Gaining access to the protected resources
Please send in your email request to receive the password to :

Please do include your name, city and country in your email.

You could also CC

(Original request must go to

If you need additional information, please feel free to ask. There may be mistakes in some resources and we would greatly appreciate if you could point them out. Please do send us your suggestions so that we could improve this collection.

Warm regards.

Jai Shri Mataji

On behalf of the Sahaja Resources Team
PS: This is a North American initiative


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