Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Breath of the Earth - the CD

Dear Friends,

You may have already heard that TEV's latest concert in Milan on 5th May was a massive hit with the audience and now, it is about to become a memorable live album. There's a link below to get blast of it. 
The CD will be available at the end of June!

The expenses for the musicians  (60 includng singers) came to 12,000 euro which TEV has to cover from its own funds. We will also be performing it on the 11 August at Castello Sforzesco in Milan, one the city's most prestigious venues! The artists give their time and heartfilled work to the cause, but they can't do it alone.We need your gracious and generous support. Every penny will help build theCulture of the Spirit. (travel tickets, food and accommodation, costumes etc..)

If you would like to make a donation you will receive a signed copy with a personal thank you from us. 
Please contact Anita Valderama for further details:
or go straight to the donation page

With love,
Victor Vertunni

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