Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Recollection and Reflection of the India and Nepal Sahaja Tour - 2015

 Dear  Yogis,

The feedback from those who have enjoyed the India - Nepal 2015  Tour  recollections Video of the Journey,  and spiritual  reflections of the Yogis involved  has been  extremely positive,  it is shared
for your enjoyment.  

Some reflections shared :

".... this music is wonderful and has already gone up into the Cosmos and there stays permanently there for
everyone who connects through their Sushumna. They  can connect to that joy and bring it back to the
earth, this helps to bring about the new awareness and transformation of the world
Rommel Saab

"we are from the Mooladhara, we have come to India which is the Kundalini,  and gone up into the Sahasrara,
As we have progressed through the Tour we have really felt that in our subtle systems  ... and in
someway have helped Nepal, this most  beautiful country"

"I remember when it was first mentioned , there was a couple of minutes and I felt I just have to go on this
Tour and it has been a beautiful reminder of what Sahaja Yoga is actually all about,  to me a beautiful reminder
of what Our Mother incarnated for"

"understand the scope of Sahaja Yoga which is much beyond France, or Australia, that for me is the best thing to meet
different people to experience Sahaja Yoga through different cultures, different brothers and sisters that's what I love most "
Jean Michel

"the programs in Gorakhpur and Kushinagar there was a real feeling that this was it must have been with Shri Mataji did
the India Tours, for those of us who missed it, we really got a feeling of this is what it must have been like, we felt
Shri Mataji's presence there, exact same feeling walking into the village courtyard, the big banyan tree in the centre
everyone sitting before the stage, the vibrations of the  music, it would been exactly like that 30 years ago.
That was the biggest thing about the Tour to have that opportunity because I missed that experience"

"it was just so strong, I felt already a transformation, it only just got better and better, playing on
stage I just felt I was somewhere else, I just felt my heart was just so big"

"I inherited a lot of children, the Yuvas were unexceptionably good, I just felt like being a mother and
I thoroughly enjoyed it ....  so I must thank the Yuva Shakti, these are like all my children"
hope you enjoy,
Jai Shri Mataji!


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