Monday, 5 October 2015

Pass the word - Vilamba, free download of 'I will be strong'

Dear all,  

We are about to launch Vilamba in a big way on facebook and in other media. On our facebook page (see link below) there is a link to Soundcloud for a free download of the song ‘I will be Strong
If you have facebook please click ‘like’ for the page and also share this with anyone you think might appreciate our music
This song is not in iTunes (although the other 3 albums are)
Thanks for your continuing support
Finbar and all the members of Vilamba


At the ending of the day
When I seem to lose my way
When the darkness seems to grow
When times are hard and hope is low
When friends are nowhere to be found
Dreams lie shattered on the ground
And the road ahead is long
I will be strong I will be strong...

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