Thursday, 24 December 2015

Joyful and enlightened Christmas from Nirmala Vidya

Joyful and enlightened Christmas

Dear Sahaj family

We wish you a very happy celebration of Christmas and may our collective and united light, awaken in us by Lord Jesus, illuminate this world in 2016 with genuine Love, compassion and wisdom.

Otherwise just a few more words…

In 2015 we have developed the Nirmala Vidya apps for iOs and Android and we hope you could download it and enjoy the simple way to watch, hear or read and imbibe the teachings of Shri Mataji everywhere.

In 2016 we will try to improve the website in order to make it more user-friendly, to facilitate the search of talks and improve the content. The idea is also to bring few more functionalities in the apps.

Of course the work to transcribe and translate the talks and to digitise and produce more masters will continue.

Our desire is that each and every Sahaja Yogi/ni get access to, so we would like to ask you if you could please invite others to connect to the website with the function "Invite other" available from the home page.

And from our heart, thanks again to all those who, individually or collectively, are supporting with your donations this fundamental mission to preserve, protect and distribute the teachings of Shri Mataji.

With all our Love

The Nirmala Vidya team

Jay Shri Mataji

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