Monday, 18 January 2016

Christmas Puja 2015 Experience in Ganapatipule

Dear Family,

It gives us great joy to share with you the wonderful 4 days between 23-26th of December 2015 that we have spent in Ganapatipule during the Christmas Puja Seminar.

Touching on the holy lands of Shri Ganesha bare foot, experiencing the oneness and unity with 8,000 other sahajis as the children of the Adi Shakti, giving our salutations to the father Principle of the great ocean, witnessing the Divine bound between the newly matched couples in the marriage ceremony and offering our pranams and devotion at the Lotus Feet our Mother are some of the many heartfelt moments that we all still in the divine mood of.

The seminar begun on the 23th of December with a big Havan and offerings to the holy fire. The evening was filled with chaitanya with the great performances of the Sufi Qawwalis and the ragas. The announcement of the Sahaj Marriages were also happened on this day.

While the first half of the day passed with seminars on the the following day, it was great to watch the performances of the foreign yogis from different countries in the evening program. Hearing the Christmas Carrols and celebrating the Christmas with cutting the cake at midnight filled our hearts once again with ultimate joy.

On the 25th, since morning, the yogis were busy with preparing themselves for the Maha Offering. The Christmas Puja was offered to our Mother with all the yogis that were present there. It was such an overwhelming Divine experience of receiving the vibrations of the Adi Shakti in such a high level. Salutations to You and Pranam to Your Lotus Feet Shri Mataji again and again.

And the last day was dedicated to the Sahaj Marriage Ceremony. After experiencing the joyful Haldi Ceremony in the morning, the couples offered puja to Adi Shakti in the afternoon. We all shared the same excitement and happiness of the sahaj couples in the Marriage Ceremony while they were bonding their lives with the blessings of our Holy Mother.

And from beginning to the end, we would like to thank to all our Indian brothers and sisters for their great hospitality and efforts in organizing this seminar.

You may visit the following web page for the videos and photos of the seminar.

As announced earlier, there were two Maharashtra tours organized before Christmas Puja. Each tour passed through the great swayambhus of Maharashtra and ended in Ganapatipule at the Mahaganesha Swayambhu. We took part in the short tour which passed through the 8 Ashtavinayaka swayambhus. At each swayambhu we had a chance to take Shri Ganesha's blessings, to meditate, recite collectively Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. At some of the swayambhus we were also allowed to do aarti to Shri Ganesha. It was a joyful and blissful experience of touring these holy vibrational places together with Sahaja Yogis from many different countries. The tour guides (not Sahaja yogis but they got their Realization of course) were very helpful, they told us the story of each swayambhu. Those stories helped us to understand their significance but more important, of course, was to feel the vibrations Shri Ganesha's manifestations in Maharashtra. The tour ended at the main swayambhu of Mahaganesha which was discovered for all Sahaja yogis by Shri Mataji herself.

Looking forward to meeting with you all in 2016 Christmas Puja Seminar in Ganapatipule.

Thank you Shri Mataji for showering Your Blessings with this marvellous seminar. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of offering our devotion to You. And thank You again for bringing us together under Your Lotus Feet.

Jai Shri Mataji

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