Sunday, 17 January 2016

Huge billboard with Shri Mataji's photograph on Times Square, New York greets the New Year; and news of a possible project for March 2016

Dear Sahaja Yogis

Jai Shri Mataji !

Joyous news, and an auspicious sight sure to delight, to start this New Year. The photograph below was taken just last week, at one of the busiest parts of New York:

This huge, 40 feet by 30 feet billboard advertisement of Sahaja Yoga featuring a beautiful image of Our Holy Mother is placed upon an illuminated rooftop, and is looking down on Times Square, New York - one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections (around 330,000 people can pass through daily). The location is like Piccadilly Circus for London - it is brightly adorned with massive billboards and advertisements, and sometimes referred to as 'The Crossroads of the World'. Our billboard can be seen both by pedestrians and vehicles. It was spontaneously arranged by some New York yoginis, who strongly desired such an auspicious beginning to this New Year. Here are a few words from the Sahaja Yogi who took the photo:

"You cannot imagine how beautiful it is to see in person Our Divine Mother's photo in Times Square. Although the photos give you an idea, it is an entirely different experience to see it in person. It is exciting and very magical!

"We are also planning to have two more billboards in Times Square - one closer to the street level starting February 1st, and the third will be a digital one in March 2016, that will honour Our Divine Mother's Birthday, and will advertise our local programs in Manhattan."

For a few more photographs of this billboard, including one taken at night, please click here.

Would you like to find out about the possibility of more such thrilling developments from the Land of the Vishuddhi as the year rolls on? Then please continue reading...

If a certain project gains wider popularity, this may be just the first of a fleet of further billboards. An advertisement campaign idea currently being widely discussed is to have similar, large billboard advertisements of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in as many cities as possible across the United States for a whole month, in March 2016, in celebration of Shri Mataji's birthday. Two US cities have already signed up with their local advertising companies. A good number of others are interested. The costs have been taken into account, and it appears that in many cases, they are feasible. At present this is not an official project, but the US Council has warmly invited those collectives who feel inspired to take part. A design for the billboard has been approved, and a graphic design team is available to adapt it to the needs and preferences of any collective.

The inspiration for this grand campaign idea came from Houston, where they have already had a 48 x 14 foot billboard displayed on a major city motorway for a month, in July 2015. The local Sahaja Yogis saw that this had the effect of increasing hits on their Houston website, and increasing the number of seekers attending the meetings. Plus, they felt that it raised the vibrations generally. For a bit more delight for the eyes, here's an image of the Houston billboard from last summer:

Houston has already signed a contract for another billboard from mid-January to mid-May this year. Their new billboard has just gone up.

Let us pray to Our Holy Mother that by Her Grace, 2016 becomes a year in which the 16 petals of the Collective Vishuddhi purify, open, and shine ever more.

Jai Shri Mataji !

* For more information about the billboard project for March 2016 described above, you are welcome to write to

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