Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Help make "MeditaMar Music Festival" Barcelona a reality

Dear Sahaj family,

In Spain we have a big sahaj dream... To bring the Culture of the Spirit Festival to a privileged location in Barcelona this coming September.

We have applied for a grant from Movistar (Telecom Company) calling the project "MeditaMar Music Festival".  

With the help of TEV we have prepared a video to present this project for the contest. If we can get at least 5000 points (1 vote= 1 point, 1 youtube view = 1 point, 1 facebook share = 5 points, 1 twitter share = 5 points) we will have the change to win a grant to finance the Festival.

You can CONTRIBUTE with your votes by:  

1) Going to the web of Movistar ArtSY and vote on the project "MeditaMar Music Festival", click in "VOTA ESTE PROYECTO": http://artsy.movistar.es/proyecto/meditamar-music-festival  (1 point) - you can vote once every day!

2) Watching the video (1 point)

 3) Sharing the video on the social networks: Facebook y Twitter (5 points). Possibly with the hashtag:
#MovistarArtsyMeditaMarMusicFest (1 point)

4) Giving a bandhan.... to make this dream come true! :-)

The festival would be the weekend after Shri Ganesha Puja, from the 9th -11th of September, getting the support of the Yuvas which will most probably be in Barcelona for an international seminar.  

We hope you can join us and together share this beautiful sahaj experience!  
Your brothers and sisters from Spain,
Jai Shri Mataji!!!

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