Sunday, 20 March 2016

Good deeds week - March 19

Details about the event here:

On 27th March there is a big public programme in North Delhi, Chhatrasal stadium at 6 p.m. we are nowadays doing the work of publicity. So please, put your enlightened attention on this programme for everything. People may come, feel the peace and mothers love in their heart and settle down in Sahaj Yoga.

Digitised and made available:

I met a relatively new yogi in one of the investment seminar. Quickly turned the topic to sahaja yoga and asked him how he is feeling about sahaja yoga meditation and its effect. He started telling about many other types of yoga he tried in the past and he is also having a guy as guru. I told him to stop all those immediately like TM, stick to one thing if you want better results. He promised to do that and I too decided to follow up with the guy until he becomes a full blown sahaja yogi.

Gifted a book

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