Sunday, 24 April 2016

Time to crowdfund for The Angel

Dear all,

The new songs of William Blake, in the album THE ANGEL of Victor Vertunni family and friends, are on their way!
Provisional artwork for the album cover by Maxim Vertunni

The crowdfunding campaign just went live yesterday, on the auspicious occasion of St George's day, the patron saint of England.

St George, as Saint Michel, are known to be Incarnations of Shri Bhairava, as William Blake.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of Shakespeare - 400 years since his death.

If you feel that music is one of the best media to transport vibrations, to spread joy, please, let's support our sahaj artists.

Here is the link where you can donate so that this album can be produced:

Please spread the link and the video:

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