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Inner peace day in Brussels - 23rd May 2016

"But when this principle (i.e. Lakshmi principle / family) works out well, like if it starts working again in Belgium and in Holland, the whole world can be brought to peace. (…) So now, the responsibility of the Belgians are the peace (…) So the first freezing of the Nabhi started in Belgium. Now I don't know if the people of the West understand that Belgium is to be looked after. And they have to restart the cycle again."


Jai Shri Mataji !


Dear brothers and sisters,


These brief excerpts of a speech Shri Mataji, held in Belgium on 20th September 1986 show us how Mother has indicated this nation as a place responsible for Peace and how we all should support this process of re-establishment of peace in the Nabhi of the Virata.


The Belgian collective has already received confirmation from at least 10 schools to the Inner peace day in Brussels. This means that on that day about 2.000 young souls will get their realisation, in connection with hundreds and thousands of other kids from all over the world. We have had a very positive feedback from many of the local institutions that have been invited. As an example, in Italy the city of Genova has invited all schools to take part to the initiative on the front page of the city portal for educational institutions ("Genova and Brussels united for peace" - see There is still one week so we can ask other schools to participate from all over the world.


We also wish to ask for the attention and the support of the wider world collective through the Sahaja techniques, havans, collective meditations, so that in the morning of May 23rd we may be able to establish the seed of peace through the loving union of children of different cultures and countries in meditation, and that this seed may flourish and establish peace, from Belgium to all the countries of the world. 


Animated by this desire, Sahaja Yogis are coming from Europe and beyond. Considering the number of participating schools keeps growing, we would like to particularly invite established french-speaking yogis and yoginis who wish to know how to conduct such programs in the school and would like to help on the morning of the 23rd.


On Sunday we'll have sessions for those who will conduct programs in schools, on monday morning we will celebrate the Inner Peace Day in the schools and in the afternoon there will be a large Inner Peace public program in Brussels where all the families of the participating children and the whole city of Brussels are invitated to take part.


If you wish to come you can register by clicking on this link:


The events are unfolding joyously, the actions flow smoothly, like beautiful flowers spontaneously blossoming in the garden of peace.  We wish to offer to our Divine Mother on this 46th anniversary of the opening of the Sahasrara, all of these beautiful flowers, the sahasraras of the Sahaja Yogis and of thousands of children, united in collective meditation.


Thank you brothers and sisters for your support. 


Thank you Mother from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity to be One at your Lotus Feet again and again.


Jai Shri Mataji

Inner peace in Brussels team

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