Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hermes Interview with Gregoire de Kalbermatten

Hermes: Though many parts of your life are described in detail in your book „The Advent“ I would like to ask you again today: „How was your first meeting with Shri Mataji? Have you always been aware of the fact that She is more than a normal human being and that She was going to become so immensely meaningful for your life?

Gregoire: I remember entering in Her house in Oxted. I was in jeans and was wearing an old US Army jacket full of holes. I kissed Her hand and gave Her flowers. She was dressed in white. I felt such kindness and warmth! Interestingly, I remember bowing and looking at the ground. So, spontaneously, She commanded immediate respect. But my heart felt such a relief almost immediately. It is hard to say when exactly I started recognizing Mother but clearly, the heart was faster than the brain. It was greatly helped no doubt by the contagious feeling of lightness and joy, an enveloping feeling of affection and well being that made you feel “I am back home! Home, sweet home!” For the brain, the incarnation of Shri Mataji is such a huge truth that we can absorb it – and communicate it – only on the basis of inner experience. My intellectual understanding was to expand through the discussions during the following days.

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