Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Inner Peace Day Bucharest

Dear all, please see below from our Inner Peace Team in Romania. We would very much appreciate it if you were to re-transmit the message to your collectives. Love from Romania!

Beloved brothers and sisters of the Universe, 

We welcome you to Romania, the garden of Mother Mary, as Shri Mataji was beautifully telling us, in the capital Bucharest, the city of Joy (the founder was a shepard by the name of Bucur - in Romanian language means "Joy") to participate together to the wonderful and joy giving project of Inner Peace Day  during 8-11 April 2017 , now also in the Eastern part of Europe, following the tremendous success from Brussels, a large number of cities in Italy, Madrid and most recently Berlin and the Italian Parliament in Rome and continuing with Paris. 

We need your love and support to accompany our endevour. We have sent invitations to over 200 schools and kindergardens, both local and international (English, Italian, German and French). We have also the support of Unesco Romania which has a network of 60 schools only in Bucharest. So far the feedback is very encouraging, 14 schools have answered rapidly and asked to have the event for the entire collective, already thousands of children are waiting. 

Please register at the following link https://innerpeacebucarest.jimdo.com/ , where you can find the details regarding costs of accommodation and meals, but also our bank accounts in case you want to make a donation to support the participation of younger yogis and those with less income.

Additionally, you have the chance to stay in Romania, visit the Carpathians and come back to Bucharest for the international Easter Puja. Registrations can be done here, http://www.easterpuja-romania.org/

Please register by 30 of March to be able to organize better. 

Jai Shri Mataji!

Much love from Romania, 

Inner Peace Romania team

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