Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Vilamba update - 2 new albums - concerts - in the news

Hi everyone, here's a little update about what the band's up to this Summer

In the news,  Elba Island
At the end of April we participated in the artistic event 'Meditiamo L'isola d'Elba'
Here is a short report from the local news
2 cds
In July we'll be producing a limited edition cd called 'Rare Vilamba'   This will include lesser known tracks as well as some that have been rerecorded and there will also be an instrumental and slower version of 'Dancing on clouds' from the forthcoming album
It will be a limited edition with only 100 copies made so let us know if you'd like us to keep one for you
In August the new (as yet unnamed) album will be out – songs include 'I'm in Heaven', 'Praise the day' , 'Jerusalem' and 'The Great Demon slayer'
We're focusing on recording and preparing for India this Summer so there are only 2 concerts planned:  In the piazza of Cabella Ligure on July 21st and during the World festival in Albera on August 23rd or 24th
There will also be a live streamed concert, probably in the last week of July, please tell us if you'd like to be informed
India Tour
Our biggest project yet, a musical realisation tour of India,  is well underway, we've received direct donations as well as contributions via Indiegogo – The deadline for this campaign is June 16th so if you like to give a hand,
or just see how we're doing, please go to

For more info on the India tour please go to
 Thank you so much for your support and hope tom see you sometime this Summer

Finbar, Gwen, Luca, Josef, Claudio, Silvia, and Gianni

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