Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Canajoharie - Nirmal Arts Academy 2017 - Register Now!

Dear Family,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Nirmal Arts Academy in Canajoharie, from August 7th to August 17th, followed by Shri Krishna Puja.

The Arts Academy takes place over the course of two magical weeks before Shri Krishna Puja, in which we can immerse ourselves in the Divine experience of vibrations and go deeper in the knowledge of our Sahaja culture. It offers the opportunity to study a wide range of arts and build artistic projects with fellow artists and participants. We can discover and develop our different talents, sharing Divine inspiration through our brothers and sisters from around the world, and learn from all the wonderful and dedicated artists we have in our Sahaja family. The Nirmal Arts Academy will provide you with a platform to build and improve your artistic skills in various ways under the guidance of dedicated artists and with the blessings of our Divine Mother.

We are honored to welcome 12 very talented artists to the Academy this year, who will teach a total of 14 courses over the 2 week period. Yogis from ages 5 and up are invited to explore the Course Offerings and join us by registering below! Discounted Online Registration is only open until August 1st, and as some classes have limited capacity, we encourage you to sign up early!

Please find below the artists and courses that have been confirmed.
  • Ranjan Sharma, India: Indian Vocal and Advanced Harmonium
  • Miguel Czachowski, Poland: Flamenco Guitar
  • Shaktidhar, India: Indian Flute (Bansuri)
  • Sandesh Popatkar, India: Tabla
  • Kinga Malec, Poland: Kathak (Indian Classical Dance), Indian Folk Dance 
  • Gita Pattison & Julie Mandal, Canada: Theater Improv
  • Abhishek Arora, USA: Beginner harmonium
  • Shanti Ghosh, USA: Wood burning or Pyrography
  • Sandra Sinha, USA: Contemporary dance
  • Anjan Upadhya, USA: Photography, Music Production
  • Subhash Singh, UK: Oil Painting
In addition to these courses, we will be offering a separate track for children ages 5-12 called Kid's Academy. Please visit the website for further details on courses and artists.

Request for volunteers: We plan to allocate few slots in the academy for volunteers - the primary responsibility of the volunteers will be to assist with the day-to-day academy activities. However, they can take one class of their choice and only pay for meals, Please  send an email to cj-info@nirmalarts.academy  if you are interested.

Register Now: https://www.nirmalnagariu sa.org/events/nirmal-arts-acad emy-2017/

If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to us at: cj-info@nirmalarts.academy

Looking forward eagerly to be together and enjoy the bliss of collectivity.

Jai Shri Mataji
Nirmal Arts Academy Team

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