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TEV in India, Europe and USA in 2018

From: Theatre of Eternal Values


TEV in India again after 22 year

"It was my dream, as a student, to have my own theatre company one day." Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Dearest Friends and Angels, 

Thank you for your interest, participation and loyal support of Theatre of Eternal Values productions and cultural initiatives. We have been complicit in an artistic adventure which began in 1995 when our beloved and gracious mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi founded the company in Cabella. So we have prepared a little summary of some the milestones in our story. There will be more chapters and a documentary in the months to come, covering a host of TEV theatrical and musical productions that have taken place in UK, Austria, Canada, China, India, Germany, USA. 

TEV Story

In our first newsletter of 2018, we begin with a brief summary of upcoming TEV events: 


Shakespeare's Women will tour Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania, followed by the summer Nirmal Arts Academy (31 July - 9 August)  and Culture of the Spirit Festival (11 - 12 August) in Cabella. We are also excited to announce the newly formed TEV America with an autumn production in Boston and New York in the pipeline. We'll keep you posted on all these fronts!

TEV Shakespeare's Women


The Divine Mother - India March 2018
While ground-breaking Sahaj initiatives around the world are spreading Shri Mataji's gift to humanity, with unprecedented results, it is time for the world to know and celebrate the source of this unique method, Sahaja Yoga. TEV's production of "The Divine Mother" will artistically depict the defining achievements of Shri Mataji's life and her living legacy to humanity: the opening of the Sahasrara chakra and the awakening of the kundalini, en masse, in millions of people. 

The Divine Symphony Orchestra, with solo instrumentalists, singers, actors, and a crew of yogis from India and many nations, will manifest the SY Sangha's core unity, love and devotion by offering a fragrant and colourful musical bouquet to our Guru's Lotus Feet in the country of her birth, where the pathway to humankind's emancipation was historically unlocked by her in 1970. A recording of her own description of that event will be the centrepiece of the show, followed by a symphonic homage to that glorious and radiant moment. (Mumbai 18-19 March - Delhi 24-26 March)

The music for "The Divine Mother" has been composed, the artists are ready to take flight. Even if we can't all be there, we can take part in this celebration by contributing to the flight cost of the performers, and the production. We hope this video teaser will help make up your mind! Please watch: We hope this video teaser will help make up your mind! Please watch:

The Divine Mother

Here's Victor's personal message giving an overview of The Divine Mother:

Please click the following shared link to see a spreadsheet with the list of names and countries of the Yogis and Yoginis involved. 

Your contribution can be made in three ways:

1. Purchase the flights online for the artist(s) (arrival dates and times see below)
2. Donate by credit card through Paypal (click link below)
2. Donate by direct bank transfer (IBAN below)

If the above PAYPAL button doesn't work, paste the following website link into your browser


Bank transfer account: 

IBAN: IT06O0103012600 000063399038

If you would like further details please contact Purna:

email: moniatma@gmail.com

mobile and Whatsapp: +39 348 876 8893

We hope to see you soon!

With love and gratitude,

The TEV Team                          
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