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My Memoirs by Babamama

AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN MY MEMOIRS Memories of Shri Mataji as Told by Her Brother • Shri Mataji's brother, Babamama, tells us of his own life a


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The Divine Cool BreezeBOOK OF THE MONTH• MARCH 2018 •
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Memories of Shri Mataji as Told by Her Brother



Shri Mataji's brother, Babamama, tells us of his own life and that of his sister.

Unique, loving and devotional – this book of sweet stories and

deep insights is like no other Sahaja Yoga book.


I was totally amazed at the store of knowledge that Shri Mataji has.


To me, She has been a very good and loving sister,

but to tell you honestly, I never attributed to Her such stupendous wisdom. 


It was beyond my belief that She could have known so much 

and yet not have revealed it to me, though I thought I was so close to Her.

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"Think that Shri Mataji is not your sister, but the epitome of music."


That sentence did the job.


The link of brother-sister relationship had been so strong and the bond of love, so unshakable, that I had not been able to get out of my conditioning.

But in identifying Shri Mataji as that note which is the pinnacle of music,

this bond was broken. 


The shackles were removed and suddenly I found a new identity of Shri Mataji 

which was totally formless, which had no prefixes or suffixes, 

which was put and unmaligned by the stains of relation or any bond. 


I felt a strange experience within myself, as if the identity of my sister 

was being taken over by the identity of this formless note of music. 


I knew then and there, 

that a transformation was taking place within me. 


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paperback 189 pages



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